Wednesday, July 15, 2020

My addition to the Mural Mosaic International Art Project, Theme of The Dog

I was invited to join the mural mosaic project in March.  In 2008 I was an artist on their horse art mural, "Le Cadeau du Cheval/The Horse Gift".  It was a fun project and I  was able to attend the US unveiling in Columbus, Ohio.  It was a massive project and incredible to see in person towering 25 feet high.
    The current mural project is centered around the dog.  Who doesn't love dogs.  I chose to paint a Samoyed puppy using reference photos from puppy photos of our late male Samoyed, Inipi's Song of Raku, known as Racki.  He was the best Sammy we have had the pleasure of sharing our lives with.  We have had a number of Samoyeds over the past 45 years, pretty much addicted to the playful, loving, beautiful dogs.
    I finished painting panel #106 for the mural this week.  I titled it " Teaching the Sammy His Song".  For anyone who knows Sammys, you have heard them sing.  It's kind of a howl but it usually ends with an Oh Ya.  They are very vocal dogs.  Racki did have his song but he only rarely shared it with us.  I added three wrens with only 2 singing in a reference to Racki's reluctance to sing his song.  Here are the links, MuralMosaic Dog Mural on Facebook and their website, Mural Mosaic Website.

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