Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 8..30 in 30 Challenge

More sheep..I know they are starting to add up. I think its getting easier and I am looking forward to going up to the studio to work. Cicely Wigs had a fleece that felt a bit like a combination of a sponge and Brillo pads. Not a complement and probably not as bad as it sounds. There was a softness to it but it had this odd spongey feel to it. The color was not just black. A black sheep is rarely just black. Her fleece never grayed but it did bleach in the sun. Lots of variations of chocolate brown and lavender with tips almost an orange. I still have a large basket of her fleece sitting, waiting to be spun into yarn. Its not a terrible fleece but it always wanted to spin up courser and so it sits. In the painting I was drawn to the purples and color variations. The folds were so deep and dark. If you parted the wool on her back you would be amazed at how black the roots were. Wigs was part Jacobs, probably why she never grayed out.
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