Saturday, April 16, 2011

Opening Reception tomorrow at the Seippel Center in Beaver Dam, Wi.

Come join us Sunday afternoon at the Seippel Center in Beaver Dam. If you love horses this is the art show to see. We are showcasing artists from across the US. Paintings, pastels, bronze, clay and fiber represented in over 110 works of art. Artists on display

by regional and national known equine artists including Polly Knoll,Lynn Maderich,Shary B Akers,Terry Miller,Beverly Shaw,Sharon Prestegard, Lynda Sappington,Alecia Underhill, Linda Massey, Delia Pacheco,Patricia Getha, Larry Schultz, Kate Dardine,Judith Johnson, Jean Cook, Kim Santini,Debbie Flood, Karen Thumm, Karen Terpstra,Joni Beinborn, Sandra Nowicki, Mallory Beinborn,Lorraine Jerabek, Carol Pruchnofski, Mary Singer,Rosemary Tietz, Karen VanderWerff, Jeri Thorpe, Cyndi Schwake, C. Marcus Stone, Rozan Henning,Shari McWilliams, Peg Bredeson, Leslie Zantow, Katherine Bogucki and Edwin Bogucki

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