Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AAEA Mackinac Island Invitational Exhibit

I submitted these 3 drawings to the American Academy of Equine Art Invitational show,"Pulling Their Weight-Draft and Carriage Horses in Fine Art". The exhibition will be on display from July 1 through July 31, 2009 at The Mackinac Public Library in Mackinac, Island, Michigan. This is that great little island that does not allow any type of motor vehicle. Its all horse drawn carriages or bicycles. Also the site of the Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour movie, Somewhere in Time. Jack and I made a short stop on the island the weekend of his brother Thom's wedding. Was lots of fun taking the ferry over and enjoying the Grand Hotel. Its a gorgeous place to spend some time. Maybe we will get up there for the opening. Maybe we will go dancing....last night Jack said he had the urge to take me out dancing. ??????never in 35 years of marriage has he wanted to dance...ever...We are wondering if his new liver came from a guy who loved to dance. Hey this could be fun..I love dancing.

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Diann Anderson said...

I love the look of draft horses.
Very nice work Leslie - you really know your horse anatomy.